The Deal

Whats up,

My friend and I are really bored so we decided to create some blogs to occupy our times. We are both fanatically obsessed with NBA 2k12, so we decided to base our blogs around the game. We have each chosen to rebuild an NBA franchise. My friend choose to rebuild the 76ers cause he thinks Iggy is the future.  I choose the Bucks because Brandon Jennings is awesome and their “Fear the Deer” slogan is even cooler.

I’m warning you, I’m a bit of a trade whore. So if you are a Bucks fan in real life and you just happen to stumble onto this blog, please don’t get offended.

The layout of the site is pretty simple: in the franchise updates page, I will talk about the different games that I sim or play, the different trades that I do and that the computer teams do, and any other thing that I feel like blogging about. The roster page breaks down my current roster, the players height, weight, position, how much play time they get, and what I think of each player. The Stats and Awards page lets you keep up with my players stats and if they win any awards throughout the year.

I play on all-star difficulty (recently just moved up from PRO, yeah I’m good) and I play 9 minute quarters. My gamer tag is Ludikulous on the xbox so holla at me if you ever wanna loose.

Otherwise, enjoy!

I h


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